PunkNation is Australia's #1 source of all things Punk!

Our Audience includes listeners within 18-35 age range, Extreme sports fans, Gamers and of course punk music enthusiasts. The content is raw, uncensored, hard hitting and not always politically correct. Our listeners are passionate individuals who want their voices heard and unafraid to speak their minds. This is a behaviour we embrace and actively promote during our programs. PunkNation isn't just a radio station, It's the voice of a youth who have had enough and want a better future!

PunkNation can offer website and radio player advertising in both image and audio formats.

  • 15 - 30 second radio spot (Multiple times a day)
  • 45 - 60 second radio airspot (Multiple times a day)
  • Radio Player / App preroll Advertisements (Plays every time a listener connects to the App)
  • Website banners and Radio player Image advertisements

We also offer Sponsorships for businesses who want to put there brand behind our awesome shows, These packages include the following:

  • Exclusive program sponsorship for a 6 month period. (Breakfast, Drive, The Night Shift)
  • Promotion at the beginning, end and throughout the duration of your nominated program.
  • Sponsor banners on the PunkNation website and within the PunkNation radio player



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